Nude Envie is carefully crafted using the finest ingredients. 
All products are certified vegan, cruelty free, paraben free, and gluten free.

Our Product Lines

We’re all about you truly feeling beautiful…

Standing behind our founder’s belief that feeling beautiful is being beautiful, and that confidence, sophistication and subtleness make us feel beautiful; Nude Envie is a sophisticated line of refined makeup that enhances features other makeups often undermine.

Nude Envie launched with Envie de lèvres ­— nine profound shades of nude-colored lipsticks and two “perfect” and “timeless” nude lip pencils.

Our line of luxurious lip glosses, Envie de briller, comes in five complementary shades and is meant to be layered over the lipstick, or worn with lip liner, or simply by itself for a super glossy and silky feel.

To help women complete their beautiful nude look, we added a collection of 11 sophisticated shades of nude-colored eye shadow, and five luxurious shades of blush, three highlighters and two bronzers.

Why nude? Nude showcases a woman’s skin tone without overpowering her other defining features. It allows her to glow, not her lipstick. It’s subtle. It’s confident. It’s Nude Envie.

Why multiple shades? The world is an exquisitely diverse place. Unique shades of nude provide each woman with her own nude wardrobe, a shade for every outfit, mood or season, so she never has to compromise. We want every woman, no matter her ethnicity or complexion, to embrace her natural allure and feel confident in her own skin.

Life is too short to try and be something you’re not. Be CRAZY about your look.

Isabel Madison

Isabel Madison

Isabel Madison, Founder of Nude Envie

That’s when the cosmetics gene kicked in…

The daughter of a cosmetics visionary, Isabel Madison grew up immersed in beauty culture. She learned at a young age that feeling beautiful and being beautiful were one in the same; and it was confidence, sophistication, and subtleness that made her feel beautiful. Just as Isabel began infusing her vision into her father’s cosmetics company she made the choice to put motherhood before her career. Never regretting her decision, Isabel raised three magnificent children, but her passion for cosmetics never faded.

It wasn’t until recently that Isabel finally found her place in the vast cosmetics landscape. While shopping, Isabel’s sister began to feel overwhelmed by the wide variety of vibrant colors of lipstick in the store’s cosmetics departments. Why did lipstick need to be so overly wild and bold? It didn’t! And with this revelation, Nude Envie was born.