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I've worn both shades in the past two days. THEY ARE INCREDIBLE!!!!! The formula is creamy and moisturizing, but the lasting power is still there.

Mallory CornelisonBeauty Vlogger

Nude Envie has the most gorgeous hydrating texture with the exact amount of shine that you’d want in a lipstick.

Mindy ParisiFinding Silver Linings Blog

I’ve had a bunch over the years, but I just discovered this new line. Actually, Brooke Burke suggested them, it’s called Nude Envie.

Maria MenounosTV Host

My favorite nude lipstick and lip liner.

Brooke Burke-CharvetTV Host, Entrepreneur

Love this lipstick line! Colors are simple yet beautiful and the lipstick is so moisturizing!

Setareh A.via Facebook

I don't know how you created such a unicorn lipstick formula, but I am officially OBSESSED!

Mallory CornelisonBeauty Vlogger

I LOVE these!!!

Laura PolkoMakeup Artist

I LOVE my nudes! Cool is my new nude.

Nina GarciaTV Host, Editor