You're Making Me Blush

You're Making Me Blush

Introducing our NEW line of cream blushes!

 Our new line of cream blushes are not only sexy and sultry but also benefit your skin. Our cream blushes are infused with hyaluronic acid which can hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water, making these blushes crucial in keeping the skin moisturized as well as glowing. 


This limited-edition cream blush is absolutely eye catching while simultaneously delivering hydration to the skin. The vibrant color of Ibiza Nude is a must for any year-round festivities that place.

Ibiza Nude

A cream peach/pink shade that adds a youthful glow to anyone’s complexion. 


 A pink shade that adds a charming natural flush look to the skin. Greatness is the perfect cream blush to add a flirty flush to the skin.


Passion is a sweet/rich plum cream shade that instantaneously livens up the complexion and adds a flush to the skin.



Benefits of Crush Pearls

• helps the regeneration of new skin
cells and improves collagen levels to
firm and smooth the skin
• nourishes skin with calcium, 30
minerals, proteins, vitamins, and amino
• contains conchiolin protein that
promotes healthy collagen production
for glowing skin, working like keratin to
improve cell metabolism, increase
circulation, and repair damaged cells
• great for anti-aging and better skin
• brightens softens, nourishes, and
• helps eliminate blemishes
• repairs sun damage and scars
• minimizes pores
• consistent use can slow signs of aging
and protect the skin from the elements
Watch this video to see how stunning model Daria looks wearing Greatness blush paired with our Golden highlighter. She's also wearing Dazzle and Destiny eyeshadow with a our sultry lip gloss Affection. 

Start Blushing 

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