Stay Hydrated My Friends!

Stay Hydrated My Friends!

Our buttery lipsticks will keep your lips supple and hydrated during these cold months. Everyone loves a soft lip which is why our lipsticks are infused with Vitamin E and Jojoba Oil, leaving the lips silky and succulent. 


Just ask out friend Janice Daoud who was recently featured in Desnudo Beauty.

"2. The PERFECT nudes ever. My newest obsession are these super hydrating, extra moisturizing luxurous satin lipsticks. Some of my favorites and go-tos are: Cool, Mesmerize and Rush. Use with their Perfect Lip Liner for a crisp defined pout."

A mauve-y and sheer shade with a glossy finish. Perfectly pairs with our Perfect Lipliner.


A luxurious and creamy peach nude with a silky feel. Wear it with Perfect lip liner for added depth and dimension.


A luxurious creamy, pink-y nude that compliments all skin tones. Warm it up with Perfect Lip Liner or Cool it down with Timeless Lip Liner.



A tone of nude brown, this Perfect lip liner adds a beautiful warmer shade to the lips. 



Timeless lip liner brings a beautiful shade of cool mauve to the lips.



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