Nude Makeup Vs. Neutral Makeup: It’s Time to Know the Difference

Nude Makeup Vs. Neutral Makeup: It’s Time to Know the Difference

Say bye-bye to 2020, and hello to 2021. With a new year right around the corner, it’s time to upgrade your makeup bag so that you can keep up with the new beauty trends.  2020 sure has been a whirlwind of a year. Between the stress of a global pandemic, changing the way we socialize, and wearing a mask every time we step out into the world… Everything has affected the way we get ready in the morning. Some of us don’t have leave the house due to working remotely from home, but that shouldn’t stop you from glamming yourself up, even with a minimalist look. Keep reading to know the difference between nude makeup vs. neutral makeup so that you can perfect your 2021 style:

Nude Makeup

Nude makeup and natural faces took over the catwalks for the upcoming season of beauty and fashion. The makeup trends for 2021 are shifting to a more effortless look, that emphasizes nude shades. This isn’t all that surprising because we are cooped up in our homes majority of the day, but it’s important to know the difference between nude and neutral shades when you decide you want to wear some makeup.

Nude makeup is all about showing your true skin tone, creating an illusion that you’re not wearing any makeup at all. It’s typically a single-toned color scheme, that resembles creams and browns. The color palette includes flesh tones, or colors you would naturally find in the skin without any makeup applied. A real nude matches the color of your lips, it’s not just a light beige or brown which people commonly believe.

The key to mastering the nude makeup look is finding shades that perfectly match your skin tone. It’s not a one shade fits all kind of deal. When you wear nude shades, your skin is usually visible through the foundation, meaning that freckles and moles are not covered, highlight and contour is subtle, and the eye makeup is very light. Ditch the falsies because nude is natural!

Neutral Makeup

Now, shifting from nude to neutral. Neutral makeup consists of neutral tones rather than matching your skin directly. The main difference between nude and neutral shades is that neutral tones downplay vibrance and saturation. If you’re looking to pull off a neutral look, opt for less saturated tones. A neutral makeup look could include muted shades of grey, earth tones, and shades from light to dark. This means that the makeup is neutral in colors yet highlighted, contoured, glowing, and flawless. Textures can be anything from matte to metallic. Neutral makeup can be soft or dramatic, and isn’t as natural-looking as nude shades appear on the skin.

When you have neutral shades on, your skin is visibly covered with layers of makeup, the highlight and contour is very strong. You’ll notice that eye makeup contains neutral shades and sometimes smoky, typically paired with false eyelashes. Neutral does not always mean natural!

Upgrade Your Makeup Bag with Nude Envie

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