Itsemily x Nude Envie

Itsemily x Nude Envie

The best nude | natural makeup EVER!

The best nude | natural makeup EVER!

Itsemily x Nude Envie 


I am thrilled to announce that I’ve teamed up with Nude Envie on a beauty campaign and EXCLUSIVE discount code for YOU. 


Nude Envie embodies everything ITSEMILY believes in, and it starts with confidence and sophistication. You all know I don’t just share anything with you; I am seriously obsessed with this company and its mission. 


All products are carefully crafted using the finest ingredients. You can ensure they are all certified vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, and gluten-free. Created and founded by the Cosmetic Queen herself, Isabel Madison felt that feeling beautiful and beautiful was one in the same. It was confidence, sophistication, and subtleness that made her feel beautiful, inspiring her to bring Nude Envie to life. 


Shop Here, where you can find the most luxe cosmetic staples with everything from:


- Nail Laquer

- Eyeshadow

- Blush, Highlighter, Bronzer

- Lip Stick, Pencil, and Gloss


My favorite lipstick colors at the moment:




Blush I wear almost every single day is

Cream “GREATNESS” or  powder “ENCHANT


With my cream bronzer “STELLAR” and cream highlighter “GOLDEN


My number one favorite eyeshadow is the color “DESIRE


Just to name a few things I love. You see me wearing this every single day on my social stories!


In this particular photo I’m wearing the following:


Lips: LIPS





Don’t forget to tag me in your Nude Envie looks. 





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