How it all began....

How it all began....

If one thing is for certain, it's that I'm a girly girl.  One of my first memories is of watching my mom put on make-up in the afternoon right before my dad got home.  I would sit and stare, in awe, watching my mother transform herself into a glamorous woman who felt infinitely more beautiful with a little bit of  make-up, and of course, a dab of perfume (Nina Ricci was her favorite).

As a young girl, I fell in love with make-up, whether it was wearing it myself, putting it on others, or just smearing it all over my hands and arms.  Anyone who came into contact with me was a potential victim - my then 65 year-old grandmother, my older cousin who didn’t have the slightest clue as to how to wear make-up, even my 3 year-old sister, they all let me glamify them with wild swaths of colorful make-up, because back then, it was all about color!

My father, who is a biochemist, created the formulas for Max Factor, Halston, and Chanel before going onto create his own line called Visage de Beaute.  Our house was like a Bloomingdale’s cosmetic counter with make-up scattered all over every conceivable surface.

I was 13 and super in love with make-up and the idea of helping women to feel beautiful, when my father was creating Visage de Beaute. And so it was, that I got involved in the formulation process, helping my father to create and mix shades, even assisting in the melting and molding of lipsticks. Looking back now, I think: Really? But then, I was just a teenage girl in heaven. 

I remember playing with eye shadows and loving the velvety feeling of the creamy frosted powders on my fingers. Golds, bronzes and copper shades were the most popular as well as super pigmented. With the lipsticks, it was bronze, gold, fuchsia, and frosted pink along with the corals - which sold out like hot cakes. I Loved them all!! Even the neon blue mascara and the teal eye liner - If you were wearing those shades, I figured, you really knew what you were doing.

The funny part was that my dad was super conservative and I was allowed to help with the business, even to sell the stuff but never allowed to wear it.  I won't lie, I snuck it and now I sell it. I’m obsessed with it all.

Back then it was all about color - the more the better! But these days, its about less... less color, less distraction, less fuss. It’s about feeling beautiful and feeling put together, while also feeling natural, and sophisticated, and gorgeous. It's about feeling good in my skin, and in a more neutral palette that enhances my features without overpowering them. It's about subtlety and nuance, and the just-right shade for everyone. When it comes down to it; it's all about the Nudes!





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