Find Your Inner Lioness

Find Your Inner Lioness

Find Your Inner Lioness

Isn’t it exceptional knowing that you have the power to change your state of being? Sometimes, especially with today’s climate, we may feel our power slip away from us but it’s important to remember that we are the ones responsible for our own happiness and we at Nude Envie want to help you stay in your power.

Click Anne's picture above to see a beautiful, everyday look. 

Here she's wearing Divine Eyeshadow, Greatness Cream Blush, Intuition Lipstick and Illuminate Lip Gloss.

Makeup has the ability to give us our strengthgrace and power back. According to Harvard University, wearing makeup can increase one’s self-esteem which increases cognitive abilities helping you to perform better in your day to day life. Think about how you feel when you get dressed up for a night out versus how you feel in your pajamas. There’s something so empowering and rewarding about self-care and when you take the time to put on that perfect shade of lipstick or to apply that perfect color of blush, you’re giving yourself the love and respect you deserve.


Nude Envie is determined to help you feel and look your best, which is why we are scheduling virtual sit-downs with our CEO & Founder, Isabel Madison. We know that purchasing makeup can be overwhelming, especially with how much is out there which is why we want to take that stress away from you. Isabel is going sit down with you and discuss what products she thinks would best complement your skin tone and also products to help you achieve your desired looks. Want to surprise your lover with a sexy look? Or do you just want to feel good every day, even if it’s just for yourself? Yes you do! Especially for yourself! We’re here to help with it all.

We want to remind you how beautiful and magical you are and to just help you feel good daily. Looking great is an amazing first step to feeling great. You have the choice to feel great every day, why not start now?

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