Blushing At It's Finest

Blushing At It's Finest

NEW! Nude Envie's line of powder blushes made with crushed pearls!


 You didn't know you needed crushed pearls until now and when we tell you why you won't be able to settle for anything less! 

 Benefits of Crushed Pearls

•Helps the regeneration of new skin cells and improves collagen levels to firm and smooth the skin

•Nourishes skin with calcium, 30 minerals, proteins, vitamins, and amino acids

•Contains conchiolin protein that promotes healthy collagen production for glowing skin, working like keratin to improve cell metabolism, increase circulation, and repair damaged cells

•Great for anti-aging and better skin health

•Brightens softens, nourishes, and moisturizes

•Helps eliminate blemishes

•Repairs sun damage and scars

•Minimizes pores

•Consistent use can slow signs of aging and protect the skin from the elements


 Enchant is a warmer pink underlined blush with a gold shimmer to highlight and add a beautiful glow to the cheekbones and face.



 Enamor is a vibrant & glowing powder blush that has a subtle shimmer allowing your cheekbones to be beautifully accentuated.


Start Blushing

Jun 01, 2020

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