An Interview with our Founder and CEO, Isabel Madison

An Interview with our Founder and CEO, Isabel Madison

Isabel Madison sees the beauty in everyone and everything. She strives to empower women to feel their best and look their best in the most natural way possible, enhancing everyone’s natural features... Not covering them up! Read on to hear some of Isabel's tips, tricks, inspirations and advice for the upcoming season ahead!

Daily makeup routine? Keep it simple like Isabel. She uses just the basics; shadows in Desire and Divine, cream blush in Peachy, powder blush in Enchant, lip liner in Perfect and lipstick in Radiate

What was the inspiration for Nude Envie? Why Nudes?
It was important for me to create a product that doesn't cover up but enhances and compliments natural beauty. Nudes look good on everyone, no matter the skin tone or ethnicity. With such a wide range of nude shades, you can find a shade that compliments any mood or event, any time of day. And on a personal level, I'm a big fan of lipstick and a nude lip helps create the illusion of a voluminous pout; I love the look and love that it's all natural.

What's your daily makeup routine?
For my day to day routine, I try to keep it as simple as possible. After I wash my face and apply moisturizer, I do my makeup. I prefer to keep my skin clean so I don't usually use foundation unless I have a specific event. I always put Nude Envie eye shadow in Desire on my lids and then use the Divine shade on the outer corners and a thin smudge under the eye followed by mascara. I usually use my finger to apply Nude Envie's cream blush in Peachy... I love this product because it helps cover up redness while adding a little color, followed by a quick brush of the powder blush in Enchant to give an added glow. I then line my lips with our lip liner in Perfect followed by one of our lipsticks. This changes daily but my favorites are Radiate and Naked.

What's the one makeup product you can't live without?
100% Lipstick! It makes everyone look polished, elegant, sexy. I love the buttery feeling on my lips; it just makes me feel pampered and ready to face the day.

What's your favorite lipstick shade to wear?
It used to be Nude Envie's shade, Radiate, but as the seasons change and things get a little brighter out, I'm leaning more towards Lips. Radiate is great for winter and Lips is the perfect year-round shade.

What's your go-to look for a night out?
Since I keep it simple during the day, night time is the perfect time for me to play with different looks. I prefer a smokey-eyed look but try to keep it done with deeper and darker neutrals, shades of brown, burgundy, bronze. My goal is to keep it sultry but feminine. At night, I use foundation with a dewy effect and moderate coverage. I create contour with Nude Envie Highlighter; Goddess in summer / fall, Golden in winter and spring, and then our bronzer in Solace. I always keep my lips lighter because I'm trying to play up my lids... Lips and Naked are perfect.

What spring makeup trend are you really excited about?
I absolutely love rosy cheeks for springtime. It makes us feel youthful, happy, cheerful, playful. It gives us that youthful, dewy look. My favorite pink blush for spring is our new cream blush Greatness.

How important is lip liner?
I think it's really important. When it's applied generously, slightly outside the line, it gives definition to the lips, creates a clean, crisp line to prevent bleeding of lipstick / gloss and just adds overall staying power. Nude Envie liners offer two shades that match well with all our lip shades. Perfect is a little warmer and Timeless is a cooler shade.

What's your most important makeup advice?
Don't worry about being perfect. Stay true to yourself and do what makes you feel great. Sometimes just a little makes the biggest difference. And ALWAYS use good quality products... it's better for your skin and will last longer!
Jul 24, 2020


Jul 24, 2020



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