A Mood Boost Inspired By Color

A Mood Boost Inspired By Color

To Our Beautiful Community:

It's no secret that the past few weeks have been difficult for us all. These are unprecedented times filled with a lot of uncertainties and fears. At Nude Envie, there is nothing more important to us than the health, happiness and well-being of our community. In these unique times of self-isolation and quarantine, it's easy to fall into a rut, often leading to depression. Surrounding yourself with simple pleasures and little acts of self-compassion can help provide a sense of optimism and safety.

We are committed to supporting your beauty needs, and hopefully providing a bit of fun through our social media, newsletters and beauty advice. It's our belief that feeling beautiful can help boost your mood, leaving you to feel more confident and uplifted throughout your day. Color has a proven ability to inspire joy. Infuse your daily routine with a little extra self-love by pampering your pout with our luxurious lipsticks of carefully curated shades that can brighten your day and leave you with a positive outlook. 

While this remains a challenging time for us all, we are inspired by the support of this community and appreciate each one of your beautiful souls. Take care of yourself and your loved ones. We are all in this together, and we look forward to happier times ahead.

Choose the Hue For the Mood Boost You Need!

Sometimes a pop of color is all you need. A lipstick shade can boost your happiness levels with just one swipe! Check out our color chart to help you figure out the right shade to help you achieve that feel-good attitude you're looking for. 

1. Pure Fun, sweet and sensual can perfectly describe the wearer of Pure. It infuses the lips with a pearly sheen leaving you feeling confident and graceful.1. Pure

Fun, sweet and sensual can perfectly describe the wearer of Pure. It infuses the lips with a pearly sheen leaving you feeling confident and graceful.

2. Naked

This peachy neutral with a touch of gold is perfect for the free-spirited individual who is looking for a quick burst of energy. Wearing naked will keep you feeling invigorated and free, never weighed down or covered up.

3. Radiate

Pink with a subtle sheen for the individual who radiates warmth, Radiate will help elevate anyone's mood. Apply Radiate and expect to feel happy, light-hearted and feminine.

4. Mesmerize

The perfect hue for the individual who is passionate and exudes a natural magnetism, Mesmerize is the ultimate creamy pink. Slip on this shade for an instant pop of confidence, leaving you feeling playful, fun and maybe even a little frisky.

5. Lips

A classic nude, Lips is perfect for those moments when you need to feel a little grounded. This lipstick will elevate the wearer's sense of self, leaving them feeling well-balanced and confident.

6. Rush

Looking to feel comforted? This silky peach shade is like a warm hug on your pout. Don't be surprised if you catch yourself smiling while wearing Rush; with one swipe, wearers will instantly feel warm and cozy.

7. Cool

When you are looking for a quick boost in self-confidence, this sheer mauve with a glossy finish is it. Wear Cool to feel calm, composed and confident. 

8. Intuition

The perfect hue for the bombshell in all of us, Intuition is the lipstick for the bold. Slip this shade on to feel sultry and sexy. 

9. Attitude

This mocha shade is guaranteed to add a little extra decadence to your day. Attitude is the perfect compliment to our wearers looking to feel edgy and alluring. 
Jul 23, 2020


Jul 23, 2020


Jul 18, 2020

I am having trouble ordering and looking at different colors, etc. HELP!
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Marka Brochstein

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